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Covengton Clubhouse Reservation Request

To request a reservation for the clubhouse, please complete the form below and agree to the terms and conditions listed. Once your request is received, our community manager,  Rhegan Lambert, will reach out to you via email. Only after you have receivde a tentative confirmation should you proceed with payment.

Cost: Non-Refundable Fee: $150.00 ($75 rental fee + $75 cleaning fee) and Refundable Security Deposit: $150.00
Start Time
End Time

To reserve the Covengton Square Clubhouse, you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Payment must be made in two separate checks each payable to Covengton Square COA (one for rental and cleaning feed, and one refundable deposit). No phone payments or cash accepted. If you prefer the option to pay electronically, please contact Rhegan Lambert, the Covengton Square Community Manager. If paying by check, mail your payment to: Rhegan Lambert c/o Community Association Services, Inc., PO Box 83, Pinehurst, NC 28370

  2. The desired reservation is not fully confirmed until this form has been submitted and both checks have been accepted by the management company. Once confirmed, you will receive a unique key code to enter through the front of the clubhouse.

  3. The Covengton Square Clubhouse is intended for the exclusive use of homeowners and their guests for social functions only. It is not to be rented to persons not associated with Covengton Square nor is it to be used for functions interpreted to be commercial or of a profit nature.

  4. The homeowner reserving the clubhouse must be present at all times during the event, and, as host, assume responsibilities for any and all damages.

  5. Events are to end at 12:00 midnight of the date scheduled. 

  6. It is your responsibility to keep all of the areas around the clubhouse clean. No trash should be left in the common area or in the parking area.

  7. Cooking is not allowed on the common grounds of the clubhouse.

  8. The pool is included in the clubhouse rental,  but pool use is not exclusive. The Covengton pool is family friendly. You must follow all current pool rules and be considerate of residents and their guests using the pool.

  9. Homeowners that are in arrears will not be allowed to reserve the clubhouse.

  10. No decorations of any kind should be taped, stapled, nailed, or attached to the walls, ceilings, fireplace or any

    other area in the family room.

Thank you for submitting your request. We will get back to you shortly.

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